Adapt To Changes

Adapt To Changes

Adapt To Changes

I love to share my lessons learned in this venue. Regardless of who else sees it, it has helped me to understand where I am in my career by thinking about situations and what lessons I can learn from them.

A great lesson–which always seems like deja vu–of this quarter has been when things don’t seem to be going the way they were expected to go, it’s time to make some changes. For instance, at the beginning of the year, I wrote of wanting to open a drop-in center. Since I do not own a bank, I decided to launch small, then grow. When that idea didn’t work, I changed the concept to provide the same service but in a different way, like having a drop-in center on location for special events. This concept catches the attention of anyone I have mentioned it to, but it’s still in startup mode. I have never been so excited about something in my career as I am with this. The vision I have for it is will create such an impact on my family and community… I’m so excited!

The moral of the story is – having to make a left turn when you really want to make a right isn’t the worst thing in the world. Adapt to changes in your situation making sure you retain the essence of and goals for what you want to do.

What are some situations in your business where you had to adapt and it changed your life?

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